Among the major sources that offer nice parenting guidelines are as follows:

Indiana State

In Indiana parenting guidelines has provided major advices on how to take care of kids perfectly. Knowing how to raise them as they progress in life. http://www.in.gov/judiciary/rules/parenting/ It provides information on how to care for the child at all times of the day. It could be in the morning, how to make them with table manners or overnight parenting, the blog has it all.

YouTube Channel

On YouTube, this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RPIF8yFLWQ offers parenting strategies that parents should use to raise the Kids. It includes the three basic parenting strategies which include Autocratic, Democratic, Permissive. These are all related and when combined, the kids becomes exemplary in discipline.


This is another parenting website that offers even health advices when raising kids. Information on this site was extracted from nurses and doctors who work in the pediatric field. It also include how to take care of your pregnancy because parenting starts in the womb to ensure that the fetus is safe. Both parents are involved at all stages.

Attachment Parenting: Developing Connections and Healing Children

Is a book that shows all the parenting techniques that are essential to raise a bright kid. It has sources that people can go further and learn more about specific medical conditions that might be affecting kids.


Where different people meet online to share parenting advices. It is full of professionals who have experience and know and all your issues are going to be discussed until a solution is found. For single mums and single dads, this serves as the end point where all the issues bothering single parents are discussed perfectly.