Piano lessons are becoming more popular than ever in Pinner, Northwood & London. These are affluent areas and there are plenty of parents looking to have their children learn the piano. The good news is there are also plenty of great piano teachers in the area.

Find the Right Piano Teacher For You

While the piano is an incredible musical instrument to know how to play it’s also a very complex skill. You can tell after three months whether a pupil has been instructed well in how to play the piano. By that point you can also tell who genuinely enjoys playing the piano and will go far with their studies and playing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Paino Tutor

The right piano tutor should:

  • Have the right qualifications including a Diploma in Piano (It’s not enough to have Grade 8)
  • Have a music degree
  • Have trained with a Music Conservatoire such as with the Royal Academy of Music in London
  • Have plenty of experience performing piano in public such as with piano recitals or piano competitions
  • Have the knowledge to teach Music Theory as many piano teachers fail to teach this even though you need to know it
  • Have lots of experience as a piano teacher
  • Be experienced in teaching both children and adults
  • Have taught students from the beginner level all the way up to Grade 8 and, ideally, Piano Diploma level
  • Teach you personally on a one-to-one level with lessons that are tailored to match your needs
  • Teach you using a Grand Piano (but don’t worry as there’s no need for YOU to own a Grand Piano)
  • Give you homework to do between lessons
  • Get you ready for your piano exams so that you can pass them with high marks
  • Give you regular updates on how you are progressing
  • Get you ready to perform at festivals and competitions and maybe even come away with the grand prize

Of course there are plenty of piano teachers out there who may not tick all of those boxes but are still very competent and worth your time. There really are as many ways to teach piano as there are piano teachers.

Even so you should ask your prospective piano tutor some questions based on the list above to find the absolute best piano teacher. When you get started with a great teacher you can make fast progress.

Remember that you might need to wait to get the best piano tutor in town! All of the best piano tutors already have plenty of students. Many of these students will be children learning piano after school so there are limited time slots available. You should stay flexible and be prepared to juggle lesson times around a little before finally settling in to a weekly schedule.

The best piano tutors may even need to put you on a waiting list.


Choosing the Right Piano Teacher