In as much as work is very vital to our lives, it should not be a major jeopardizing factor to the care that we provide for our kids as parents. Buying clothes, giving food, buying gifts like Anki Overdrive and providing nice place to stay are not the only things that make kids responsible growth ups in the future.

It is the role of every parent to have ample time with his or her kids to ensure that some few lessons are passed to them. Kids learn even without the parent talking, they just observe and learn without parents noticing but this cannot happen unless the parent is regularly at home.

Are you Self-Employed?

For self-employed people, it is good to ensure that you work in the morning so that you leave early in the evening, struggle with the traffic and reach home early so that you get sufficient time with your kids.

At times it could be difficult to do this because your work demands a lot of time and attention but even thirty minutes with your kids per day matters a lot. You can drive them to their Cognita schools or board a public vehicle with them to school to increase the interaction time. This way, you are able to work as well as getting time with your kids.

Making the Most out of Your Weekend…

Another way is by sparing the weekend to remain with your family. Most people spend time at work during week days. On the weekends they have lots of people to visit leaving their children in lonely state. Why should you let your kid live like an orphan yet you are still alive. Take them out during the weekend, let them relieve the boredom of being enclosed in classroom and houses and let them get fresh air for their minds to become fresh.

Sometimes it is good to check your role in the company. Don’t just look at the returns, what impact does it have to your family? This way, you would be able to squeeze time your kids.

How to better balance your work and family time?