Abiding to the 21st century system of education that we are currently sailing in, children should not rely on the teacher as the main source of information. The “teacher” role at Cognita Schools has revolutionized with time and the teacher is now regarded as a learning facilitator. In so doing, children are made to have the thirst to find out more on every topic or subject that they have been introduced to and in so doing they become more of problem solvers rather than just theoretical gurus. Innovative minds are made through this kind of education and people become more reliable.

1 Using Music

Teach your children with music. If they are young kids, it is easy for them to learn the concepts through music that contains the subject matter as lyrics. It is crystal clear that songs stick into the minds of children faster than lessons taught in class. An example of a great, qualified music teaching company is Teach Tutti.

2 Reading with Them

When kids are doing home studies, read with them. Do not read for them because when you do, they become more dependent and they are not going to be excellent when reading in your absence. When you read with a child, it is easy for you to identify their mistakes and correct them so that they read as required.

3 Getting Enough Sleep

It is the duty of every parent to ensure that kids get enough sleep. After a long day at Cognita Schools you as a parent needs to make sure they go to bed at a good time to ensure they re not tired in school the following day. Sleep Deprivation degrades the learning capacity of kids and makes them dull because it reduces the brain energy due to lack of rest. Owing to that, children should get eight a minimum of eight hours of undisturbed sleep.

4 Discipline

Discipline Reinforcement is another way of enhancing the learning capability of kids. Some kids cannot grasp the concepts taught because they have childish issues running in their heads. This could be watching movies, playing online games or browsing on the internet and many others. The parent needs to critical observe the kid for this to ensure that the learning capability is raised.

4 ways to make children learn faster in school