Being a responsible parents requires a lot of preparation and learning through various abstract and practical things. Parenting events are conducted for parents to come together and discuss common matters that affect children in different ways. Below are the events in UK that parents should not miss at all to ensure that they learn a thing or two as they also share their piece of mind with others.

#1 Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: Prevention and Treatment


This is an important event held in London every year on 18 March which is attended by parents from all over England. It includes teaching parents of the acts that could express sexual abuse, how to handle sexual abuse cases and how to prevent sexual abuse among families. Sexual abuse is increasing at a quicker rate and some parents may be willing to help but they don’t know the exact route or method to follow. This is the event that ensure all parents know how to follow the legal steps for disciplinary actions to be taken against any person who might have committed sexual abuse. It goes further to make parents understand how to deal with children who have sexual abuse manners.

#2 Next steps for Child care


This is for the parents who want to know how to take care of their children crossing any stage of life. It is normally held in London every 24 February. It normally discusses the new adoption bill that people should follow when intending to adopt kids. Major high profile guests normally attend this event including the ones from Government ministry of Child rights. It also focuses on how to build children care centers that are safe.

#3 Children in Wales Early Years & Child Accident Prevention seminar

This includes matters on how to ensure that all the Children are safe in all the activities they do. It discusses all the possible loopholes that could result to injury in children as they play. The mentally ill are normally prone to injuries that is why the seminar emphasizes on the ways on protecting the mental handicapped children.

3 UK based parenting events you should probably attend