Let me set the scene – it’s coming up to your son’s late teenage birthday, he’s turning into a fully grown man. In previous years, you would either ask them what they’d like (which admittedly could prove to be a challenge!), or you used to be able to just flick through the kid’s TV channels to Look What’s Cool at the time. A few years on however, and things suddenly become a whole lot harder…

Just as women can be fussy about what they wear, young adults are very picky about they want for their birthdays or even christmas. Now they’re living busy lives and have grown out of the easy gifts, they’d much rather recieve presents that make their daily lives more convenient. For example, instead of a toy car, you’d buy a young man a bathroom set – A) Because it’s something he’d use daily, and B) It’s one less thing he has to buy for himself, as it is a necessity, not really a luxury.

So that was just an example, and if you’re still looking for more ideas, check out this awesome infographic that I’ve decided to share with you!

The tough choice of what you buy your ageing son for a gift