Many parents dread this moment – the moment where they have to get rid of all the plastic dishes their kids have used and replace it with glass, porcelain and metal. That day has to come eventually, and could actually help teach the kids a little more about the proper eating habits without having to worry about the chemicals found in the plastic.

Some preschools in the United States give even the smallest children real glasses and plates. It teaches them the responsibility and the consequences of what happens when a glass gets tipped over and breaks. However, this is not s technique that the faint of heart ought to use. Some parents start cringing when they see this and find this a bit stressful. But, the experts say that the real glasses and plates given to a child let the child know that we trust them. This allows them to build up their confidence.

Now, let’s get back to replacing the plastic dishes with the glass and porcelain ones. It should be said that there are going to be some breakages. No matter how sturdy the new glasses are, some of them are going to break. When it comes to the plates, you don’t really have to worry that much about them. Even though they are easier to shatter, they don’t really get moved around by the kids. They eat out of them at the table, and that’s it, but the glasses are something they move around with them, and that’s where the trouble is. Therefore, it is important to note that you shouldn’t really spend a lot of money on this; buy the cheapest plates and glasses, because they aren’t really going to be around that long.

The best thing to do is to buy plain white plates and cups; that way, you can replace them without the kid ever knowing about it. This is really important, because the kids tend to get attached to the things they have, and replacing the broken ones without them noticing should be your number one goal.

Then, there are the eating utensils, which have to be replaced with the metal ones. Make sure you start off with spoons, and not knives and forks. The spoons need to be small enough to fit into the kids’ mouths as well as in their little new bowls. Cereals are the best meals for the kids to start learning how to use these new utensils.

You don’t have to worry yourself with getting some special kids’ plates; just give your child the same smaller plate you parents eat out of. That way, you won’t exclude your kids and won’t get them to feel different.

The best thing about this switch is the fact that you now know for sure that your child is eating from something that is completely toxin-free, unlike the old plastic dishes, which may be durable and easy to clean, but the latest research seems to indicate that it could be dangerous for kids.

Shout out to James over at Cut My Plastic for writing this post for us!

Replacing the Kids’ Plastic Dishes with Porcelain Ones